Saturday, 18 July 2009

Test night

Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Citizen Dog Scheme tests were held on Tuesday and it proved to be a very successful night with the majority of dogs passing. In fact, most of the dogs doing the Bronze test were of a good enough standard to take and pass the Silver test too!

Well done everyone, see you all for the next level on 25th August.

Thanks to Alison for giving up her time to come and be our examiner.

Ellie and Max doing Bronze stays (1 minute)

Silver stays (2 minutes)

Just waiting for the call..............

.............and there it is!

Relaxing between tests

Two Ellies having fun

Diva didn't get this one.
"You wanted me to stop where?"

Rio shows Diva how it was supposed to be done

'Send to bed' - Kya's favourite bit of the test

"I can do this one"

Gold stays (2 minutes with 30 seconds out of sight)

Puppy Foundation
L-R: Karol and Oscar, Jake and Blackie, Lorrain and Archie, Mike and Kye

Bronze passes

Silver passes

Gold passes