Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Bon Accord Kennel Association Open Show and another Best in Show

BAKA held their second Open show of the year at Seaton Park in Aberdeen on Sunday. As there is no wet weather provision at this venue and the forecast was for showers, most people went prepared with shelters and waterproofs but, as is often the case, the forecast was wrong and the sun shone all day. Lots of red faces were to be seen by the end of the day!

The sun didn't just shine, there was plenty of heat too. There was at least a bit of breeze and that helped to keep the dogs from getting too hot in the ring.

June's Benson managed to keep his cool and took top honours yet again! He won his class and Best of Breed, then took the working group and finished off with Best In Show. Congratulations!

Two other winners in the working group were Donna's River, who was first in his Yearling class, and Sian's Bertie, who won the Limit class, despite still being a minor puppy.

Jenny's Sadie brought home a heap of rosettes (to go with the ones that Brint was winning at the obedience show) after she won her class, Best of Breed and G4. She also won the pastoral Minor Puppy class, PG3 and AV pastoral yearling. All that running must be good for you Morag!

Jasper didn't let the side down, he also brought home plenty of rosettes (Jenny needs a new pin board now), winning his Junior class and also AV Toy Yearling. Ria did her bit too when she won the Junior Handling 6-11 years.

Still with the toys, Sue's Rosa won her Yearling class, Desmond won his Post Grad then took Best of Breed and G1. Elizabeth's Malibu was first in her class and Best of Breed. Elizabeth and George's Giovanni also won his class and Best of Breed.

In the hound group, Joan's Bo won his class, Best of Breed and G4. The whippet entry was huge and Liz would have been very pleased when Poppy won her Yearling class. Erica and Doug's Charlotte won her class and Best of Breed.

The club was represented in the terrier group by Karen's Poppy who was Best of Breed and G2.
Caitlin handled Inka to win the JH 12-16 years class and then went on to Best Junior Handler.

Morag's Logie won his Import Register class.

In gundogs, Sue's Logan was Best of Breed and Elizabeth's Bronni won her class. Katie's Lara was BPIB and also took PG4. Robert's Chester won the gundog Minor Puppy class.

Great results for Spey Valley - well done everybody!

Thanks to Morag, Karen, June, Sian, Katie and Anne Macgregor for sending in photos. Quite a few of the winners didn't get recorded but so much was happening at once that it was difficult to cover it all. Please send any photos of your dog if I've missed it and, as ever, let me know if I've missed anyone out.

Sadie - BOB, G4, 1st AV Pastoral MP, PG3

Pastoral group part 1

Pastoral group part 2

Pastoral group 1st-4th

Bertie - 1st Limit

Jasper wins his class

Desmond - BOB and G1

Part of the toy group line-up

Toy group short list

Terrier group 1st-4th

Jasper - 1st Junior and 1st AV Toy Yearling. Ria - Best Junior Handler 6-11 years

Caitlin - Best Junior Handler

Lara - PG4

Best In Show line-up

Benson - BIS


Best Puppy line-up. Pearl's akita won it.

Above and below - Benson and Bertie relaxing after the show