Thursday, 30 July 2009

Leeds Championship Show

Leeds Champ show was held last weekend and for one club member it was well worth clocking up all the miles to attend. Katie's Lara was placed 3rd in Puppy Bitch and 2nd in Junior Bitch.

Well done Lara!

Lara (and a headless Katie!) at Leeds

Benson beats them all at Dingwall

Highland Canine Association held their second show of the year at Dingwall mart last Saturday.

The weather was very good, allowing uninterrupted judging in the outdoor rings and a chance to admire the lovely scenery. The sun became quite strong in the afternoon, especially by the time it came to Best in Show. June's Benson seemed to take it all in his stride though, he put in a good performance to win his class, the working group and then top it off with another BIS! Congratulations!

Well done all the winners and as ever, please let me know if I've missed anyone. Thanks to Morag and Jenny for sending in photos.


I missed most of the utility group but, apart from Logie, who won another Import Register class, I think the only win was for Linda and Ron's Denzil who was Best Utility Puppy.

Logie - Best Import Register


Joanne's Walter won his NSC class, as did Donna's River who went on to take Best AVNSC Working.

Working group shortlist


Jasper won his NSC class and then went on to take his first group win! Jill's Barry won his class, Chico was BOB, G3 and Tony won the toy puppy class. Sue's Desmond was BOB and G2, Pansy was Best Opposite Sex and Louis was Best Toy Veteran.

Jasper puts his best paw forward and wins the group

Desmond - BOB, G2 and Pansy - Best Opposite Sex

Louis - Best Toy Veteran


Erica's Willow won her class, BOB and G3 (?). Heather's Fraya also won her class and BOB. Bob's Luca won his NSC class.

Fraya - BOB

Willow - BOB, G4

Hound group being judged


Sue's Finlay and Logan both won their classes and BOB.

Gundog group part 1

Gundog group part 2


Katrina's Leo won his Post Grad class and Jenny's Sadie was Best of Breed.


Pastoral group line-up part 1

Pastoral group part 2


Karen's Fergus won his class, BOB and he was also Best Terrier Veteran (sorry, no photo)

Ria handles Jasper to win the JH 6-11years

Caitlin wins the 12-16 years, Jodi was second

Competing for Best JH. After a tight contest, Caitlin was declared the winner

Best in Show line-up part 1

Best in Show line-up part 2

Best Puppy line-up


Benson's lap of honour

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Westfield House Companion Show

On Sunday BMNCC held a Companion show in the grounds of Westfield House, near Elgin. It was part of a fun day which was held to raise money for Spynie Hall. The event was blessed with sunshine, which must have been a big relief to the organisers after the continual rain the day before!

There was a pretty good turn out for the show and I'm sure Joan enjoyed her day enormously. Sian took photos on the day and these can be found on her Animal Snapper website, you can find it in the links in the side bar.

It was quite a nice setting for a show although the ring proved to be a bit of a challenge, what with lots of rabbit smells, pine cones and twigs to avoid, as well as lots of dips and uneven ground! All good practice.

Morag's Logie won the junior class, Ria's Jasper took the toy and terrier, Heather's Sasha won the hound and Lesley's Rommi won the gundog class. Sasha went on to BIS and Rommi RBIS.

Ria won the JH 6-11 class, Caitlin won the 12-16 class and then took overall best junior handler.

Congratulations to the winners.

Jasper wins the toy class and Ria the JH 6-11years

Caitlin - Best JH

BIS line-up part 1

BIS line-up part 2
(Retriever was BV)



Lochaber Open Obedience Show

Colin, Fran and Lisa were competing at the two day show at Spean Bridge on Saturday and Sunday. The weather was not good and they had midges to contend with, but they all got placed so it was worth the suffering!

In Pre-Beginners on the first day, Lisa's Ozzy was placed 6th and Max was 10th. On the second day they both went one better with a 5th and 9th respectively in Pre-Beg.

Colin and Fran had to wait until the second day to make the line-up, although Colin got very close on the first. In the Beginners class, Fran's Diva was 9th and Colin's Beauly was 10th.

Well done All!

Dundee and New Deer

Heavy rain on the days leading up to Dundee Open show on Saturday could easily have meant swamp-like conditions at Camperdown Park but it seems that it escaped the worst. Some breeds were judged in the tents but most managed outside. Quite different to the sun and heat of the last two years.

I wasn't at the show but have been sent a few results and a couple of photos. If you had any wins then please let me know.

Jill probably had the most successful day, the Pamojill dogs were winning everything! Young Tony won his Junior class and Best Puppy in Breed, Suki won Post Grad and Chico won the Open class. Tony then beat both Suki and Chico to take only 8 months old! Unfortunately, he wasn't able to take part in the toy group because it was being judged by his breeder and he had to make do with a lap of honour.

There were more red rosettes to come for Jill with the cavaliers, who obviously didn't want to be outdone by the chins! Babs won her puppy class and the AV Special Toy Minor Pup class, Jamie won Limit and Barry the Open class. Jamie then took BOB and was shortlisted to the final 6 of the group.

June's Benson got one step closer to his Junior Warrant. He won all three of the Newfoundland classes, BOB and was shortlisted in the group. This gave him one more point towards his JW (only two to go!) and also the last point needed for his Show Certificate of Merit.

Erica and Doug also had a good day. Charlotte was first in Post Grad and Willow won the Open class and BOB.

Morag's Logie won his class and Best Import.

Sian's Bertie was another who did well when he won his Puppy class.

Congratulations everyone!

The day after Dundee there was a Companion Show at New Deer and Willow kept up her form by taking Best In Show! Good going Willow.

Above and below - Willow and Bertie relaxing after the shows

Thanks Erica and Sian for the photos.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Test night

Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Citizen Dog Scheme tests were held on Tuesday and it proved to be a very successful night with the majority of dogs passing. In fact, most of the dogs doing the Bronze test were of a good enough standard to take and pass the Silver test too!

Well done everyone, see you all for the next level on 25th August.

Thanks to Alison for giving up her time to come and be our examiner.

Ellie and Max doing Bronze stays (1 minute)

Silver stays (2 minutes)

Just waiting for the call..............

.............and there it is!

Relaxing between tests

Two Ellies having fun

Diva didn't get this one.
"You wanted me to stop where?"

Rio shows Diva how it was supposed to be done

'Send to bed' - Kya's favourite bit of the test

"I can do this one"

Gold stays (2 minutes with 30 seconds out of sight)

Puppy Foundation
L-R: Karol and Oscar, Jake and Blackie, Lorrain and Archie, Mike and Kye

Bronze passes

Silver passes

Gold passes

Friday, 17 July 2009

Directions to Westfield and a photographer on site

If you were thinking of going to the Companion show at Westfield on Sunday but weren't sure where to find it, click here for directions. I now know that the judge will be our very own Joan Cowie.

Sian Broderick will be attending the show, taking photos, and she will also have a stand at Dundee open show tomorrow. You'll be able to view photos of your dog taken at the show and also have them printed.

The weather forecast is not looking great for tomorrow. Good luck to all going and make sure you take your wellies!

Sunday looks more promising........fingers crossed.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Summer break and upcoming Companion Shows

Training classes finished last week and will resume on August 25th. Tomorrow night will be a Good Citizen test night, which will start at 7pm. Remember to bring some form of poop scoop, a brush and ensure your dog is wearing an identity tag which shows your name and address.

There are a few Companion Shows being held during the next two months and I'll give you what details I have.

On Sunday 19th July BMNCC will be holding one at Westfield House, near Elgin, in aid of Spynie Hall. There will be 9 pedigree classes and 9 novelty, entries cost £1 per class and it all starts happening at 11am.

On Saturday 1st of August you can head up to Clatt for another show, not forgetting the chance to enjoy the great tea-room there. Entries will be taken from 11.30am with judging starting at 1pm. Entry costs £3.50 for the first class and £1 for subsequent but you can also enter before the day at a reduced cost of £3 for the first entry. There will be 9 pedigree and 10 novelty classes. For further details tel: 01464 831004 or email:

Just two days later on Monday 3rd August, there will be another Companion Show at Turriff Agricultural Show. Entries will be taken from 11.30am with judging starting at 12.30pm. The judge will be our own Lesley Walker (Forguecroft).

Highland Field Sports Fair, Moy, Inverness. Show in aid of Pets As Therapy on Saturday 8th August. 6 pedigree and 6 novelty classes, £1.50 per class. Judging starts at 12 noon and the judge will be Mrs J Fraser. Contact Kate Jack on 01463 241865 for details.

Keith Country Show will also be holding a Companion Show. This will take place on 9th August. There will be 10 pedigree and 8 novelty classes, which will take place in two rings at the same time. Entries will be taken from 12 noon with judging starting at 1pm. £1.50 for the first class and 50p for subsequent. Niamh Wilson (Speymalt) will be judging the pedigree classes.

Roseisle Hall, Hearing Dogs. Our own show will take place on Sunday 6th September. There will be 10 pedigree classes, judge Mrs Karen Elmquist, and 11 novelty, judge Joanne Newsome, and 3 obedience, judge Fran Murtaugh. Don't forget your dog's outfit for the fancy dress class - the more imaginative the better! Refreshments will be available, including the ever-popular pies, as well as a raffle. Entries will be taken from 11am, judging starts at 12 noon. £2.50 for first class and 50p for subsequent.

Nethybridge Public Hall is the venue for another show on Saturday 26th September. Strathspey CC are holding it and proceeds will go to Grantown Dog Rescue. Linda Offen (Linconor) will be judging. There are 5 pedigree classes, 7 novelty and 3 obedience. Entries are £1 per class and will be taken from 12 noon with judging starting at 1pm.

Moving up

Four pups who passed their Puppy Foundation course last week and will be moving up to Bronze level after the summer break.
L-R: Caitlin and Gus, Jackie and Mutley, Heather and Brodie, Ann and Tess.

More from Caithness

Some late results from Caithness show.

Jill's Jamie was Best of Breed in cavaliers and went on to win the toy group, Tony, the baby chin, took Best Toy Puppy.

Katie's Lara won her class and Best of Breed.

Well done!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Bon Accord Kennel Association Open Show and another Best in Show

BAKA held their second Open show of the year at Seaton Park in Aberdeen on Sunday. As there is no wet weather provision at this venue and the forecast was for showers, most people went prepared with shelters and waterproofs but, as is often the case, the forecast was wrong and the sun shone all day. Lots of red faces were to be seen by the end of the day!

The sun didn't just shine, there was plenty of heat too. There was at least a bit of breeze and that helped to keep the dogs from getting too hot in the ring.

June's Benson managed to keep his cool and took top honours yet again! He won his class and Best of Breed, then took the working group and finished off with Best In Show. Congratulations!

Two other winners in the working group were Donna's River, who was first in his Yearling class, and Sian's Bertie, who won the Limit class, despite still being a minor puppy.

Jenny's Sadie brought home a heap of rosettes (to go with the ones that Brint was winning at the obedience show) after she won her class, Best of Breed and G4. She also won the pastoral Minor Puppy class, PG3 and AV pastoral yearling. All that running must be good for you Morag!

Jasper didn't let the side down, he also brought home plenty of rosettes (Jenny needs a new pin board now), winning his Junior class and also AV Toy Yearling. Ria did her bit too when she won the Junior Handling 6-11 years.

Still with the toys, Sue's Rosa won her Yearling class, Desmond won his Post Grad then took Best of Breed and G1. Elizabeth's Malibu was first in her class and Best of Breed. Elizabeth and George's Giovanni also won his class and Best of Breed.

In the hound group, Joan's Bo won his class, Best of Breed and G4. The whippet entry was huge and Liz would have been very pleased when Poppy won her Yearling class. Erica and Doug's Charlotte won her class and Best of Breed.

The club was represented in the terrier group by Karen's Poppy who was Best of Breed and G2.
Caitlin handled Inka to win the JH 12-16 years class and then went on to Best Junior Handler.

Morag's Logie won his Import Register class.

In gundogs, Sue's Logan was Best of Breed and Elizabeth's Bronni won her class. Katie's Lara was BPIB and also took PG4. Robert's Chester won the gundog Minor Puppy class.

Great results for Spey Valley - well done everybody!

Thanks to Morag, Karen, June, Sian, Katie and Anne Macgregor for sending in photos. Quite a few of the winners didn't get recorded but so much was happening at once that it was difficult to cover it all. Please send any photos of your dog if I've missed it and, as ever, let me know if I've missed anyone out.

Sadie - BOB, G4, 1st AV Pastoral MP, PG3

Pastoral group part 1

Pastoral group part 2

Pastoral group 1st-4th

Bertie - 1st Limit

Jasper wins his class

Desmond - BOB and G1

Part of the toy group line-up

Toy group short list

Terrier group 1st-4th

Jasper - 1st Junior and 1st AV Toy Yearling. Ria - Best Junior Handler 6-11 years

Caitlin - Best Junior Handler

Lara - PG4

Best In Show line-up

Benson - BIS


Best Puppy line-up. Pearl's akita won it.

Above and below - Benson and Bertie relaxing after the show