Saturday, 20 December 2008

Ladies Kennel Association Champ Show

LKA champ show was held in Birmingham NEC last weekend and I have two good wins to report.

June's Benson had yet another Puppy class win and was also Best Puppy Dog.

Morag's Logie was at his very first show and it was worth the long drive down and back in atrocious weather because he won his Junior Dog class. Morag would like to thank everyone who sent messages wishing Logie good luck.

Hot on the heels of their wins at LKA, Benson and Logie kept up their winning form when they took part in the Christmas match held by Banff, Moray and Nairn CC on Monday night. Logie was declared Best Puppy in Match and Benson was Reserve Best in Match - well done boys! Click here to see photos of the match.
Benson - Best Puppy Dog

Logie - 1st Junior Dog

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Accommodation available for Manchester

If anyone is going down to Manchester Champ show in January and would like to stay overnight but haven't arranged anything yet then there is a room going for Saturday 17th at the Travelodge Stafford, M6. A double room and priced at £19.

Anyone interested in the room please email me and I'll pass on your details.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Big puppy, little puppy

Joanne, Mark and also Sue will remember the early hours of Tuesday 2nd December, no sleep for any of them because both Nana (Seumelga) and Gypsy (Gennasus) decided it was time for their puppies to make an appearance.

As you would expect, there was quite a difference in the two litters. Gypsy produced two dog pups, both weighing in around the 4oz mark, Nana managed eleven pups which were nearer 1.5lbs in weight!

All pups are thriving with both mums doing a great job. Proud fathers Walter and Louis are not taking an active part in bringing up babies, as far as they are concerned their involvement ended eleven weeks ago
Gypsy's pups at 5 days old

Nana's pups at 2 days old

Nana's pups at 1 week old

Gypsy's pups at nine days old

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Good Citizen Dog test night

Jasper gets his Bronze

The last club night of the year was a Good Citizen Dog Scheme test night and it turned into a very long evening. For once we had almost as many doing Silver and Gold as we did Bronze and the pass rate was very good. The few who missed out on awards were within a whisker of passing so keep training and try again in July.

Thanks to all who helped out on the night and to Alison, our hard-working and efficient examiner. Well done to everyone who passed and to the trainers who put in a lot of hours getting all the dogs up to standard.....Jenny was like an anxious parent.....especially in the out of sight stay!

Keep sending in any news, there are still a few shows going on, good luck to those going to LKA at the weekend.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and good New Year, see you all again on January 20th.
Joanne may not have had any dogs to be tested but she made it onto the blog!

No post is complete without a posing pug

Rosie the lap dog

Where are Logie's legs?!

Gold test elements

Gold recall and off-lead heelwork

Out of sight down stays

Stop the dog exercise

Kyra did stop but just a little too late!!

Food manners

Alison offers the silver handlers some lovely tasty(dog!) treats

Is Benson drooling in anticipation?

Logie says "yes please"

For the gold, dogs must leave until told they can take the food........

...................pure torture for a beagle!

Send to bed exercise

Unfortunately, Charley's 'send to bed' turned into a 'send to Jenny'!

Bronze and Silver awards



Gold awards






Ceilidh gets her third!

Congratulations to Karen whose Ceilidh gained her all important third CC on Sunday at the Glen of Imaal Association's Championship show in Sheffield. This means that Ceilidh is now a Champion (subject to KC approval).

This is the first champion for the Karensbrae kennel and also the first champion Glen in Scotland. Well done Ceilidh!!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Christmas Party

The weather may have been bad on Tuesday night but it takes more than snow and ice to stop our Christmas party from going ahead!

There were fun games, great fancy dress and particularly good sausage rolls! Thanks to Jenny and Karen for taking the photos below, click on them to see them full size.

For those who won't be at next week's test night......have a great Christmas and see you all next year!

Good sausage rolls!!

Fastest sits and musical statues

Musical statues

Fancy dress competition

The Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood