Tuesday, 29 June 2010

GCDS test night

Last week we held our end of term test night. It was very successful with only a few not making the grade - keep practising...you'll get there in December!

Jasper Pug is quite capable of passing all the Gold elements but decided on the night to give everyone a laugh by acting the clown! Next time Ria.

Thanks once again to Alison, our very competent assessor (firm but fair!), for coming such a long way and giving up an evening.

Well done to everyone who passed, see you back on August 10th.

Bronze passes

Silver passes

Gold passes

Scottish Beagle Club Champ Show

The Scottish Beagle Club held their Champ show at Lanark on the 19th June (I think).

I'm not sure if Erica and Doug's Willow had already qualified but she certainly did at this show with a 3rd in Limit Bitch. Suzanne and Alan's Brodie (Charlotte's pup) just missed out with his 4th in Puppy Dog.

Well done and thanks for the photos Erica.

Willow - 3rd Limit Bitch

Brodie - 4th Puppy Dog

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Dundee Canine Club

Camperdown Country Park, Dundee is where Dundee CC hold their annual Open show. It's a lovely setting, with many lovely mature trees dotted about, as you can see from the above photo. Conditions were ideal on June 12th with frequent sunny spells - enough to make for a few red faces the next day! Ground conditions were not quite so ideal due to the number of rabbit droppings that were scattered over all the rings! Not so easy keeping dog's heads up with such tempting scents about - especially for those breeds closer to the ground!

June's Benson was on top form again, he took Best Of Breed, then the group and finished it off with yet another Best In Show! Congratulations!

The show is big and there was a lot happening at once so I'm not too sure about how everyone did. Please let me know if you did well.

Toy - Jill's Tiger and Chico were both 1st in their respective classes and Tiger took BOB. Ria's Jasper also won his class, BOB and then G4. Elizabeth and George's Lola was BOB. Sue's Elwood was 2nd in a large breed Puppy class but went one better by winning the AV Minor Puppy Stakes class plus £10 to boot! (It all helps towards those fuel costs!)

Pastoral - Morag handled Jenny's Sadie to win her class, BOB and then to win a very large group! Katrina's Leo won his Limit class and then BOB.

Terrier - Daveena's Inka was Best AVNSC and Caitlin's Solo was BOB and 2nd in Puppy.

Gundog - Katie's Lara won her Post Grad class. Lynne's Phoebe was 4th in a large Junior Bitch class.

Junior Handling - Glenn was Best Junior Handler and this qualifies him for SKC finals, Crufts 2011 and Richmond.

Well done to everyone!

There could well be more news but you'll need to let me know. Not many photos either, I'm afraid. Thanks to Karen for sending some in.

Jasper - 1st Limit, BOB & G4

Sadie - BOB & G1

Lola, Tiger and Jasper during group judging

Inka - Best AVNSC

Solo - BOB

Glenn - Best Junior Handler

BIS line up, part 1

BIS line up, part 2


Benson's lap of honour

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Banff, Moray & Nairn CC

Lossiemouth Community Centre was the venue for BMNCC's first open show of the year on May 29th. There was plenty of success for club members at what could be called our 'local' show - so nice not to be travelling miles for a change!

We had three representatives in the Best In Show line up and three in for Best Puppy In Show. Daveena's Inka stormed her way to RBIS and Sue's Elwood took RBPIS - congratulations!

Terrier - As already mentioned, Daveena's Inka took RBIS after winning her NSC class and the terrier group. Caitlin's Solo was BOB and Best Terrier Puppy.

Working - June's Benson took BOB and G1. Elaine's Zeta won the NSC class and G3.

Pastoral - Katrina's Leo won his class, BOB and G3. Jenny's Sadie was BOB as was Roseanne's Toby.

Hound - Bob's Luka was BOB. Niamh's Mia was up against Erica and Doug's Twiglet for Best Hound Puppy with Twiglet coming out on top.

Gundog - Katie's Chewie won his class, BOB and G3. Joanne's Lana was BOB and G4.

Toy - Les and Rita's Magic won her NSC class but was beaten to Best NSC by Jill's Tiger who went on to win the group. Sue's Elwood won his Junior class, Best Toy Puppy and RBPIS and Rosa won her class, BOB and G3.

Utility - Morag's Logie was Best Import Register.

Ria won the JH 6-11 year class, Glenn won the 11-16 year class and best overall JH.

As always, please let me know if I've missed anyone and well done to all the winners!

Thanks Ria for the RBPIS photo.

Working group part 1

Working group part 2

Working group 1st to 4th

Pastoral group part 1

Pastoral group part 2

Pastoral group 1st - 4th

Inka - Best Terrier & RBIS

Luka - BOB
(For those who might not know, we won't be seeing Bob on Tuesday nights any more because he has moved to Aberdeen. We'll miss you Bob!)

Hound group part 1

Hound group part 2

Hound group 1st - 4th

Twiglet and Mia in for Best Hound Puppy

Twiglet - Best Hound Puppy

Lana and Chewie during gundog group judging

Gundog group 1st to 4th

Junior Handling 6-11 years

Junior Handling 11-16 years

Best In Show line up part 1

Best In Show line up part 2


Elwood - RBPIS

Scottish Kennel Club

Ingliston had warm sunshine for all three days of the Scottish Kennel Club's Champ show on 21st, 22nd and 23rd May, great conditions for those who were camping! Lots of wins and places to report, let me know if I've missed anyone out.

Utility - Morag's Logie is the only one I know of in this group, he won his class and then took Best Dog and Best Import Register. He also got to do a lap of honour in the group ring seeing as he was unable to compete.

Hound - No wins but a couple of qualifying positions. Erica and Doug's Charlotte was 2nd in Post Grad Bitch, Joan's Bo was 3rd in Post Grad Dog and Niamh's Mia just missed qualifying with 4th in a good sized Puppy Bitch class.

Working - June's Benson was 2nd in Limit Dog.

Gundog - Sue's Kupah won both his Junior Dog and Yearling Dog classes, Heather's Skye was 3rd in Post Grad Bitch and Sue's Jana just missed qualifying with a 4th in Post Grad Bitch.

Terrier - Daveena's Inka was 2nd in her Open Dog/Bitch class and Caitlin's Solo qualified with his 3rd in Puppy Dog.

Toy - Jill's Tiger won his Junior Dog class and one of the bitches (can't remember her name!) was 2nd in Post Grad Bitch. Sue's Rosa was 1st in Grad Bitch and Elwood was 3rd in Minor Puppy Dog, Ria's Jasper was 2nd in Post Grad Dog.

Junior Handling - Caitlin won the JHA 12-16 yr class with Solo and Ria was 3rd in the YKC Handling 6-11 yr.

Obedience - Jenny, Colin and Lisa all competed in very warm conditions, Jenny and Brint were the only ones to be placed with a 3rd in Beginners.

Well done to everyone!

Thanks Morag, Nicky and Colin for sending in some photos.

Logie Best Import Register

Logie's lap of honour in the group ring

Elwood - 3rd MPD

Rosa - 1st GB

Ria handles Jana to 4th PGB

Brint doing his retrieve

Lisa and Max's heelwork

Two minute down stay

One minute sit stay

Stays in progress

The Papillon Club of Scotland

Sue had a successful trip down to the Papillon Club of Scotland's Champ show at Lanark on May 22nd, three of her four dogs won their classes - Desmond was the only one to miss out but he did have a class of almost 16 and he found it a bit of a bore!

Elwood was at his first proper show and he won the Minor Puppy Dog class, Rosa was 1st in Post Grad Bitch and her mother Gypsy won the Veteran Bitch class.

Elwood - 1st MPD

Rosa - 1st PGB

Gypsy - 1st VB