Thursday, 23 July 2009

Dundee and New Deer

Heavy rain on the days leading up to Dundee Open show on Saturday could easily have meant swamp-like conditions at Camperdown Park but it seems that it escaped the worst. Some breeds were judged in the tents but most managed outside. Quite different to the sun and heat of the last two years.

I wasn't at the show but have been sent a few results and a couple of photos. If you had any wins then please let me know.

Jill probably had the most successful day, the Pamojill dogs were winning everything! Young Tony won his Junior class and Best Puppy in Breed, Suki won Post Grad and Chico won the Open class. Tony then beat both Suki and Chico to take only 8 months old! Unfortunately, he wasn't able to take part in the toy group because it was being judged by his breeder and he had to make do with a lap of honour.

There were more red rosettes to come for Jill with the cavaliers, who obviously didn't want to be outdone by the chins! Babs won her puppy class and the AV Special Toy Minor Pup class, Jamie won Limit and Barry the Open class. Jamie then took BOB and was shortlisted to the final 6 of the group.

June's Benson got one step closer to his Junior Warrant. He won all three of the Newfoundland classes, BOB and was shortlisted in the group. This gave him one more point towards his JW (only two to go!) and also the last point needed for his Show Certificate of Merit.

Erica and Doug also had a good day. Charlotte was first in Post Grad and Willow won the Open class and BOB.

Morag's Logie won his class and Best Import.

Sian's Bertie was another who did well when he won his Puppy class.

Congratulations everyone!

The day after Dundee there was a Companion Show at New Deer and Willow kept up her form by taking Best In Show! Good going Willow.

Above and below - Willow and Bertie relaxing after the shows

Thanks Erica and Sian for the photos.