Thursday, 26 November 2009

Christmas Party

It's that time of year again! Get yourself into the festive spirit with our Christmas party next Tuesday (1st).

There'll be party games (for dogs and humans), food and a raffle. There will also be a fancy dress competition for the dogs with prizes for the most creative outfits.

We'll be kicking off at 7.30pm with the fancy dress. Everyone is welcome so see you there!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Then and now

How time flies! Here's a photo of Linda taken at Towcester Racecourse in 1986 when she was showing Old English Sheepdogs.

Banff, Moray & Nairn, 23 years later..........

.............still at it - just slightly less dog to brush!

Thank you to Ron for sharing the photo and for giving me a little inspiration. It's always fun to look back at older photos so how about sending in any that you may have from when you first started training/competing with your own dogs? The club has been going for a good number of years now (I'll try and find out exactly how many) and some of our more senior (nearly called them ancient!) members have been involved with dogs since almost the Dark Ages! Time to indulge in a bit of nostalgia - even though they say it's not what it used to be.

Please email me any photos you might have, with a little bit of information about date, place, people and dogs involved. If you have photos but no way of getting them onto a computer, please pass them on to me via the club and I'll return them after scanning them.

Those of you who haven't been in the dog game for quite so many years are also included, you may not be going as far back but it would be nice to see what dog you started out with or perhaps your first competition placing or win. Anything goes!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Last training night

Don't forget that tomorrow will be the last training night of the year. The Christmas party will be held on December 1st and the Good Citizen tests on December 8th.

Classes resume on January 19th, 2010.

Gundog news

Some of our gundogs have been doing well of late so here's an update.

Sue's Kupah has had a string of successes. At Midland Counties Champ show, held at Stafford on October 25th, he was 1st in Minor Puppy Dog and, after another long trip down to the same venue, he took the same award at The Setter and Pointer Club's Champ show on November 7th. The following weekend was a busy one. On Saturday, at the Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland's champ show at Ingliston, he won another Minor Puppy class then took Best Puppy In Breed and on Sunday, at the Gordon Setter Club of Scotland's open show, he not only won his class but was declared Best Puppy in Show! Congratulations!


Also at Gundog Breeds of Scotland - Katie's Lara was placed 4th in a good sized Junior Bitch class, Fran's Diesel was 5th in Post Grad Dog and Nicola's Toby was 1st in Junior Dog and Grad Dog.


The LKA of Scotland Open show was held in Bathgate the following day and Lara had another good day, she won both her Post Grad and Open classes and went on to Best of Breed and G4. Toby was also at the show and took his first Best of Breed.

Also on the Sunday, the Weimaraner Club of Scotland held a champ show at Lanark, where Fran must have been chuffed to bits with Diesel's 2nd place in his Post Grad class as this means he has qualified for Crufts - his first time, I believe.

Well done everyone!!

Thanks to Sue, Ian and Katie for the photos.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland

Ingliston was the venue for Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland championship show last weekend and I have a number of wins to report.

Elaine's Fitz won his Junior Dog class and also the CC! Good going for a youngster who isn't long out of puppy. There was more success for Elaine when Fitz's litter sister Ava won her Junior Bitch class and Zeta won Post Grad Bitch.

Thanks for the photo Elaine.

Fitz - 1st JD and DCC

June's Benson kept up his winning form with a 1st in his Yearling Dog class.

Katrina's Marty was 1st in Minor Puppy Dog and Leo won his Post Grad class.

Linda and Vic's Gino was 3rd in Post Grad Dog and Buddy ws 3rd in Open Dog.

Congratulations All!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Banff, Moray & Nairn CC

BMNCC's second open show of the year was held at Lossiemouth on Saturday 31st October. It may have been Halloween but the warm and sunny weather made it feel more like a summer day. What a shame we were indoors!

Being a local show, there were plenty of club members present and many took top honours. Going all the way to the very top was June's Benson as he won his class, the working group and was then declared Best In Show - his 5th such award. Congratulations!

Also in the working group, Joanne's Walter was BOB and G2.

Terriers - Cathy's Sula took Best NSC and G1, she later went Best Opposite Sex In Show. Karen's Ceilidh took BOB and G2, I think.

Toys - Sue's Desmond won his class, Jill's Chico won his NSC class but was beaten to Best NSC by Linda and Ron's Esmee, who then went G4. Chico's little brother, Tiger, kept the Chin flag flying by taking Best Toy Puppy and then Reserve Best Puppy In Show.

Utility - Linda and Ron's Denzil was BOB.

Pastoral - Mandy's Lily did very well at her first ever show, she won her AV pastoral puppy class and was declared Best Pastoral Puppy. Jenny's Sadie was BOB.

Hounds - Erica and Doug's Willow won her class as did Charlotte who then took BOB and G1. Heather's Sasha (?) won her class but was beaten to BOB by Liz's Poppy who also took G4. Bob's Luka was BOB.

Gundogs - Sue's Jana won her class. Jennifer's Wallace won his and BOB. Sue's Logan won his class and BOB. Katie's Chewie also won his class and BOB. Lesley's Rommi won her NSC class and then Best NSC and G4. Fran had a very exciting day when Diesel won his class, BOB and then won his first ever group!

Morag's Logie took another Best Import Register.

Glenn won the JH 6-11 year class, Caitlin won the 12 - 16 year class and then Best Junior Handler.

Well done everybody!!

Thanks to Morag, Linda and Ron for contributing some photos.

Logie, Best Import, and Gigha, 2nd
Morag and Ria - twins!

Sula - G1 and Best Opposite Sex In Show

Working group line-up

Working group 1st - 4th

Esmee - Best Toy NSC and G4

Toy group line-up

Toy group 1st - 4th

Tiger - Best Toy Puppy and RBPIS

Denzil - Best of Breed

Utility group line-up

Pastoral group line-up

Pastoral group 1st - 4th

Lily - Best Pastoral Puppy

Charlotte - BOB and G1

Hound group line-up

Hound group 1st - 4th

Gundog group line-up, part 1

Gundog group line-up, part 2

Gundog group 1st - 4th

Junior Handling 6 - 11 years

Best in Show line-up

Benson - Best In Show

BIS, RBIS and Best Opposite Sex

Best Puppy line-up


Friday, 30 October 2009


Payment is now due for the Hands On and Conformation And Movement seminars which we are holding on December 5th/6th. If you have booked a place, please let Joan (treasurer) have your payment by next Tuesday (3rd Nov).

If you have booked but now find that you are unable to attend, please let Joan or Karen know so that somebody else can be offered your place.

Show results catch up

The North of Scotland Sheepdog Club held an open show at Stonehaven recently. Katrina and Linda were there and both had a successful day.

Katrina's Leo was 2nd in his class but young Marty did even better, winning his class and then going on to Best Puppy In Show!

Linda and Vic's Gino and Buddy both won their classes with Buddy taking Best Dog.

Another recent show was Scottish Utility Breeds, which I think is held at Ingliston (correct me if I'm wrong). Morag's Gigha was third in the Import Register class, Logie won the class and another Best Import Register.

Well done everyone!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Benson goes one better

We didn't have to wait long for great things from June's Benson. Last Saturday, at the Newfoundland Club's Champ show at Stoneleigh Park, he won his class and then went on to take the CC and Reserve Best In Show! What a fantastic year he's had.

Congratulations June! What a thrill to get that first CC, good luck for the next two!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Winter timetable

Now that the darker nights are upon us, please note that, starting from this Tuesday, there will be a slight change to the class times.

Ringcraft - 6.45 - 7.30pm
Puppy Foundation - 7.30 - 8pm
Bronze - 8 - 8.45pm
Silver and Gold - 8.45 - 9.30pm

Gundog Society of Wales Championship Show

There were only two club members that I am aware of who made the journey down to Malvern for the Gundog Society of Wales's champ show last Wednesday.

Sue's Kupah was at his first champ show and qualified for Crufts with his 1st in Minor Puppy Dog.

Elizabeth's Bronni kept up a consistent run of success with a 3rd in Open Bitch.

Well done!

Kupah on the move

Monday, 12 October 2009

Kennel cough

A club member has reported that her dog has been diagnosed with kennel cough so please be aware that it is on the go.

Kennel cough is very contagious so if your dog is coughing or has been in contact with coughing dogs, please do not bring it to training classes and avoid mixing with dogs in general until it is clear of the virus.

Top spot for Benson

It's been a great year for June's Benson, his many wins at open shows have made him the Northern Newfoundland Club's Open Show Dog Of The Year!

Congratulations June and Benson, we're sure there are great things ahead!

Driffield and South Wales KA Championship Shows

Two results from Driffield Champ show which was held 1st - 4th October. Katie's Lara is nothing if not consistent as she took yet another 2nd place in Puppy Bitch. She was also 3rd in Junior Bitch. Lesley's Tilly just missed out on qualifying for Crufts when she took 4th in Minor Puppy Bitch. I think this was her first show and she was very much the baby in a good sized class. Fingers crossed for next time.

The South Wales Kennel Association Champ show was held 8th - 10th October and it gave Elizabeth's Asher the opportunity to take another RCC! Two reserves in a row! Let's hope the next one will be the CC. Bronni also had a good day when she was placed 2nd in Open Bitch.

Well done everyone, keep it up!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Belfast, Perth, Scottish Beagle and Angus & Kincardine

There were a number of shows held last weekend, here's a round up of them.

First of all the two day Belfast Championship Show. I know of only three club members who made the mammoth journey. June's Benson was 2nd in his Limit Dog class, Morag's Logie took another Best Import Register and Katrina's Marty was 2nd in Puppy Dog and Leo 3rd in Post Grad Dog. Well done all, hopefully you've recovered by now!

Perth Racecourse was the new venue for Perth Canine Club's open show on Saturday. Terriers were judged in a marquee whilst toys were in the most unusual of places - a bar! In fact, the bar itself made up one side of the ring. All other groups were judged on the grass between the racecourse and the grandstands. It made for a lovely setting, especially with the sun shining, but might have looked a little different in the pouring rain!

There were places for the few club members present but only one win that I am aware of. Unfortunately I have no names, but see the photo below with the running husky. I'd appreciate further details if anyone has them.

Also on Saturday, Scottish Beagle Club held their breed open show at Alva. The sun shone there too and they even had a wedding at the show! It was a good day for Erica and Doug's Willow as she won the Limit Bitch class. Well done Erica and Willow!

Angus and Kincardineshire CA held their open show at the community centre, Arbroath on Sunday. The only 1sts that I am aware of were Erica and Doug's Willow who went BOB and Elizabeth and George's Lily who took Best NSC toy. Although not wins, there are a couple of places worth mentioning. Karen's Ceilidh was 3rd in a very large NSC terrier class, there were 18 in it! Sue's Louis took 2nd in a class of 16 veterans. It was a family affair in the JH classes with Glenn winning his class and Caitlin winning hers and then Glenn going on to take Best Junior Handler. Well done all.

As ever, please let me know if I've missed anyone.

Willow - 1st LB at Scottish Beagle Club
Photo courtesy of Gary Clacher

A few photos from Perth Racecourse.

The outdoor rings seen from the grandstand

Scone Palace is next door

The toy ring plus bar!

The winners enclosure

Nicola gets some extra handling practice

Katie keeps her head this time

This may have been BD and BB in huskies but I'm not sure

Nicola and Toby

Helen had a couple of places with her dogs

Are perms making a come-back?

The grandstand made a great sunbathing spot

Friday, 25 September 2009

Darlington Champ Show

Darlington Championship show was held at Newby Hall last weekend. Exhibitors must have been so glad that the weather was much kinder this year, the sun shone and the ground was dry - so different from last year's sea of mud!

I don't think that many club members made the journey south and the main successes came from the gundog group.

Katie's Lara was placed 2nd in her Puppy Bitch class. It seems to be a case of 'always the bridesmaid' for Lara as she's had a few such places at this year's champ shows. Fingers crossed for a 1st at the next one!

Lara at Darlington (poor Katie goes headless again)

For one club member, this Darlington was definitely one not to be forgotten. Elizabeth was chuffed to bits when Asher was 2nd in Limit Dog class and then went on to take the RCC! The excitement didn't end there, however, because Bronni then won her Open Bitch class and took the CC and also Best of Breed! This was Bronni's second ticket so keep your fingers crossed that she goes on to get that all important third.

Congratulations Elizabeth and Katie - keeping the HPR flag flying!

Bronni and Asher

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Companion show at Nethybridge

Don't forget the show at Nethybridge this Saturday.