Tuesday, 8 July 2008

ACTS open obedience show

This last weekend has been a good one for Spey Valley as I have more wins to report, this time from Aberdeen Canine Training Society's two day open obedience show at Hazlehead park in Aberdeen. Downpours have often featured in previous years but the show and its organisers were luckier this time. Classes are always big at these shows, competition is stiff and therefore places are not easily come by.

Gladys had an unforgettable weekend when she and Niki managed to win the Pre-Beginners class on both days! Quite apart from this fantastic achievement, she was also placed 9th with Danny in the Beginners class on Saturday, 5th with him in Pre-Beginners on Sunday and a 5th with Niki in Sunday's Beginners. Very well done! You're probably still floating Gladys.

Jenny and Colin were also competing with Brint and Beauly, both teams had great rounds and were sitting high up in the places until things fell apart a bit in the stay ring! Better luck next time guys. However, Colin and Beauly kept it together in Sunday's Beginners and managed a worthy 4th place.

Well done you three!