Saturday, 21 June 2008

Border Union

Sorry for the delay with these results but my computer seems to be sickening for something!

Border Union Championship show was held last weekend in Kelso and enjoyed much better weather than last year, no muddy walkways and the sun even shone. The wind was a little chilly but we weren't complaining.

There weren't a great many club members at the show but those that went generally did well.

Linda and Vic's Gino won his graduate class and Joanne's Walter won quite a large post grad class. There were a few qualifying positions - Katrina's Leo was 2nd in puppy dog, Donna's River was 1st in his puppy dog class and Elizabeth's Bronni was 3rd in open bitch.

Sue's Rosa won her puppy class then went on to take the RBCC and Best Puppy in Breed. This at the age of 11 months - let's hope it's not just a flash in the pan!

Congratulations and well done to everyone. Let me know if I've missed anyone.