Tuesday, 24 August 2010

More about Kennel Cough

Just to clarify the situation regarding Kennel Cough.

We have not had any coughing dogs at training classes but we would like everyone to be aware of the condition so that we can avoid the chance of spreading it amongst our dogs.

For those who may not know very much about it, Kennel Cough passes from dog to dog much like humans pass on colds and flu. Dogs don't have to have been in kennels to catch it, just having contact with an affected dog. Most healthy dogs that catch it will get over it very quickly and easily but it can be more of a problem in young pups and older dogs with problems.

If your dog does have a cough, get it checked by your vet, avoid other dogs and please don't bring it to classes until it is well again. If it has been in contact with affected dogs then you should also keep it away from classes until you know for sure that it hasn't contracted Kennel Cough.