Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Banff, Moray & Nairn CC

Lossiemouth Community Centre was the venue for BMNCC's first open show of the year on May 29th. There was plenty of success for club members at what could be called our 'local' show - so nice not to be travelling miles for a change!

We had three representatives in the Best In Show line up and three in for Best Puppy In Show. Daveena's Inka stormed her way to RBIS and Sue's Elwood took RBPIS - congratulations!

Terrier - As already mentioned, Daveena's Inka took RBIS after winning her NSC class and the terrier group. Caitlin's Solo was BOB and Best Terrier Puppy.

Working - June's Benson took BOB and G1. Elaine's Zeta won the NSC class and G3.

Pastoral - Katrina's Leo won his class, BOB and G3. Jenny's Sadie was BOB as was Roseanne's Toby.

Hound - Bob's Luka was BOB. Niamh's Mia was up against Erica and Doug's Twiglet for Best Hound Puppy with Twiglet coming out on top.

Gundog - Katie's Chewie won his class, BOB and G3. Joanne's Lana was BOB and G4.

Toy - Les and Rita's Magic won her NSC class but was beaten to Best NSC by Jill's Tiger who went on to win the group. Sue's Elwood won his Junior class, Best Toy Puppy and RBPIS and Rosa won her class, BOB and G3.

Utility - Morag's Logie was Best Import Register.

Ria won the JH 6-11 year class, Glenn won the 11-16 year class and best overall JH.

As always, please let me know if I've missed anyone and well done to all the winners!

Thanks Ria for the RBPIS photo.

Working group part 1

Working group part 2

Working group 1st to 4th

Pastoral group part 1

Pastoral group part 2

Pastoral group 1st - 4th

Inka - Best Terrier & RBIS

Luka - BOB
(For those who might not know, we won't be seeing Bob on Tuesday nights any more because he has moved to Aberdeen. We'll miss you Bob!)

Hound group part 1

Hound group part 2

Hound group 1st - 4th

Twiglet and Mia in for Best Hound Puppy

Twiglet - Best Hound Puppy

Lana and Chewie during gundog group judging

Gundog group 1st to 4th

Junior Handling 6-11 years

Junior Handling 11-16 years

Best In Show line up part 1

Best In Show line up part 2


Elwood - RBPIS