Friday, 14 May 2010

The National

The National Championship show was held from Thursday to Sunday last week and for the few club members who made the trip down to Stafford. it was worth the effort.

Elaine's Zeta took one step nearer to becoming a champion when she won her class and then took the CC. Congratulations and good luck for the third!

As usual, whippet classes were very large so Liz must have been thrilled to bits when Poppy won her Post Grad class and sister Bunty took 3rd in Limit.

Katie's Lara is now out of Junior and competing with the 'big girls' but being on the young side didn't affect her consistant record at champ shows as she was placed 3rd in Graduate.

Sue's Kupah is another who has been consistantly in the cards at champ shows, he took 2nd in his Junior class.

Congratulatons everyone!