Friday, 7 August 2009


There was no mud to contend with this year at Turriff, although there were a couple of very heavy showers in the afternoon but, in the main, it was warm and sunny.

It was to be a very good day for Spey Valley with five of the seven contenders for Best in Show being club members.

There was a lot going on at once and I'm sure to have missed wins so please let me know of yours and send in any photos you may have.

Congratulations to all the winners!


Morag's Logie takes Best Import Register

Karen decided to take Ceilidh just for a day out and was delighted when she won her NSC class and then went on to win the group.

Ceilidh - Best AVNSC, G1

Group judging

Group 1st - 4th

Katie's Lara had a terrific (Turrific?) day. She beat a Sh Ch to take BOB and followed it up by winning a good sized group and also the puppy group!

I think Sue's Finlay may also have been in the group after taking BOB.

Elizabeth's Bronni won her class.

Lara - BOB, G1, PG1

Katie looking chuffed to bits with Lara's group win.

Roseanne's Toby won his class and BOB.

Jenny's Sadie also took BOB.

Toby - BOB

Sadie - BOB

Group judging

Joanne's Danes had a good day, Nana won her class, Walter won his, then took BOB and also the group.

June's Benson won his class and then BOB and G3. He now only needs one point to achieve his JW and he has just two more shows in which to get it. Good luck Benson!

Walter - BOB, G1

Jill's Chico was BOB then went on to win the group, for the second year in a row. He went one better this year though, by being declared Reserve Best In Show. Well done Chico!
Jill also had success with the cavaliers, Jamie won his class and BOB and I think Barry may also have won his class.

Ria's Jasper is on a winning streak, he won his class, BOB and then G2.

Sue's Desmond won his class, as did Linda's TJ who then went on to take BOB and G4

I don't think Jill's Tony won his class at Turriff but we're catching up with him after his BOB win at Dundee and his minor puppy win at Highland last week.

Jamie - BOB

Chico, with other things on his mind, BOB, G1 & RBIS

Group judging

G1 and G2

Bob's Luka beat brother Bo to Best of Breed and then went on to G3. This must be his lucky show too because he won the group last year.

Erica and Doug's Charlotte was another who won her class and BOB.

Group judging

Group 1st - 4th

Ria had to put up with a shower of rain during her JH 6 -11 year class but she took it in her stride and came away with a very soggy red rosette.

Caitlin was handling Gus, it was his first show and he gave her a very hard time, but he seemed to enjoy himself!

Gus doing a dance

One of the few moments he stood still!

Ria competing for Best JH

Take them round please........

L - R, BIS, RBIS and Best Opposite Sex

The BIS judge gets up close and personal with some Dane slobber.

The clouds built up just after BIS and then came a torrential downpour halfway through Best Veteran. Sue's Louis was in the ring at the time and was in danger of looking like a drowned rat. Everyone ran for cover except poor, dedicated, steward Isobel, who was busy saving all the paperwork and ended up sheltering under the table until rescue arrived in the shape of an umbrella. Click on the photo to see just how much rain there was.