Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Photos from Highland

Above and below - in very relaxed mode

Rowan 1st and Poppy 2nd. Apologies to Karen and Caitlin but the rings just weren't set up the right way for photos!

Terrier group in progress

Toy group being judged

Working group being judged

Morag handling Jenny's Sadie to BOB & G4

Pastoral group judging

Bob also does some professional handling and takes a 2nd with Heather's Sasha

Charlotte - BOB and G4

Hound group short list

Junior Handlers, 12-16 yrs

Junior Handlers, 6 - 11 yrs

BIS line up part 1

BIS line up part 2

Best Puppy line up part 1

Best Puppy line up part 2

Benson - BOB, G1, Best Working Puppy, Reserve Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show!